BAD in NYC… more backstage shots from April 1987

Apr 09

Here are some more photos from this Big Audio Dynamite concert in NYC. This is in response to one guy who wrote me suggesting that the backstage BAD at Irving Plaza photo (With David Bowie et al) was not only not mine — but it was his, and had been stolen.

Um, no. If I stole one picture from him, how would I have these other photos from that night? Besides — last time I checked, the camera on my time machine was short one flux capacitor. (But of course that could all change, being that we’re talking about a time machine and all…)

BAD & co in NYC

Big Audio Dynamite & co in NYC

Mick Jones & Don Letts - BAD in NYC

Mick Jones & Don Letts - Big Audio Dynamite (BAD) in NYC

Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics in NYC at BAD show (sorry for the lousy quality)

Dave Stewart in NYC at Big Audio Dynamite show (sorry for the lousy quality - was underexposed)

Dan Donovan - BAD in NYC

Dan Donovan - BAD in NYC

Me with Greg Roberts of BAD in NYC

Me with Greg Roberts of Big Audio Dynamite in NYC


There’s also this photo of Mike D of the Beastie Boys from that evening… and a few more BAD shots featured here.

Dude: I’m sorry someone took your picture, but I didn’t do it, don’t know who did it, and only have my own photos — and memories — from that night so long ago.

Originally posted September 10, 2008, and updated April 9, 2009


  1. George /

    I have live cassette recordings from many of the 9 shows that BAD played in april and may 1987 at Irving Plaza. Who’s the fan/girl in the picture? I’m sure she’d like to hear the tapes.

  2. Richard Baybusky /

    These are some awesome pics! Gonna check out some of these others!

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