Me in London - with a postbox

Aloha, and welcome to A Blog With No Particular Purpose™. My name is Nancy, and I will be your guide for the next 3.7 minutes. Please be sure to keep your eyes and elbows inside the website at all times. Okay! We’re typing…

As a minimal introduction, here are some descriptive keywords and phrases — in no particular order — that someone (clearly with very little to do) might use to describe me.

writer / editor / entrepreneur / creative / mom / music lover / californian / arizona resident / reader / tv fan / right-brained / right-handed / remarried / digs tech toys / autism advocate / works from home / mostly self-taught / former disinterested student / constantly in front of computer / does almost all shopping online / former ’80s-era teenager / web developer / not a mac user / happy iphone user / always busy / hates to be bored / loves to travel / longs for naps / super-vivid dreamer / independent / multi-tasker / serial website developer / tba

Note: This is my own personal website — not a commercial endeavor. Information deemed at least mildly interesting, but satisfaction not guaranteed. Please refer to the instruction manual for further details.

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