ABC: Martin Fry & Mark White

When: February 22, 1986

Where: Clift Hotel, San Francisco

What: Interview, questionnaire, photos, autographs – the works!

And: Martin was very nice to us all, and I actually got to interview him in his hotel room, as seen in the first photo below. I was very nervous. About the only thing I remember is that he had recently been to see 9-1/2 Weeks, which had just come out and was playing up the street. (Side note: Earlier that day while we were waiting for Martin, Robert Palmer checked into the hotel. Wild.)


Autographs: Martin and, below, ABC’s Mark White

Martin, me & Mark

And for more from ABC…

Look of Love: The Very Best of ABC



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  1. This is incredible! Thanks for sharing these photos with us! :) I have been a religious ABC fan since I first heard them in 82. I also got to meet Martin (and David Palmer) in Montreal in 2006. It was one of the greatest nights of my life! :) Your photos really brought back some great memories….I miss the 80s SO much! :)

  2. Interesting page –

    I was born 1989 , Zurich area

    Abc are definitely retro for my generation –

    This site gives a nice insight


    f r h st

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