Bananarama: Keren, Sarah & Siobhan

When: 1985 or 1986 (anyone know when they were in SF?)

Where: Outside the Clift Hotel, San Francisco

What: Autographs and a couple really bad photos (my fault – not theirs)

And: They were leaving the hotel and I managed to just catch them as they were getting in the car. I got autographs from all three, but only photos of Keren and Siobhan. They were very nice, but in a big rush to get somewhere.

Keren Woodward:



Siobhan Fahey:



Sarah Dallin:


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3 Responses

  1. I am so jealous!
    Not only did you meet these gorgeous women, you got photographs AND autographs!! WOW!
    I bet you’re thrilled?
    Pity you couldn’t get Sara’s picture too…but that was a great Bananarama haul, hold onto those!

    Viva Bananarama


    Did I say I was jealous?

  2. Those Bananarama photos were from about June 1986. They were here only on a promo tour to promote “Venus” being #1. They also came to NYC because I bumped into them at the Robert Palmer concert and the Cure concert at the Pier. THey came back in September to do record store promos as well because “True COnfessions” was out, and “Venus” was #1. In September, they appeared for promotion only (not live shows) in more cities than just LA and NY, that I recall vividly.


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