Big Audio Dynamite (BAD): Where are they now?

As of 2011, Big Audio are back — and they’re as BAD as ever! The band, originally started by former Clash co-leader Mick Jones, re-formed with the original 5-member lineup they had in the mid-’80s, with their first couple albums, This Is Big Audio Dynamite and No. 10 Upping St.

Here is the band in a new promo shot:


The older and wiser Big Audio Dynamite’s first big US appearance was at the Coachella Music Festival in April 2011. Here are the guys — with Danny DeVito’s foot:


Clockwise from upper left: Leo Williams, Don Letts, Mick Jones, Greg Roberts and Dan Donovan.



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  1. Great show this week Chris with lots of variety and fun for the whole falimy. The Civil Wars and Laura Marling tunes were very pretty, the Davis Coen song rocked, but I voted for The Limousines as that song put a big smile on my face. Reminds me of the MGMT song Time To Pretend with a catchy hook and very clever lyrics. I’ll be buying that one on iTunes just to hear the naughty version.

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