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  • […] A few weeks after we first met Big Audio Dynamite, their single, “E=MC2” hit number one on the British charts. As a fan of the UK music magazines, I had noticed a section in No. 1 magazine where people could send in their pictures with various celebrities. On a whim, I mailed off this photo of us with the whole group: Greg, me, Dan, Mick, Don, my friend M and Leo (they gave us their BAD caps to wear) As you might have guessed, the magazine actually published it. My friend and I thought that was very cool… that is, until BAD came back through town and told us they saw the picture in the magazine. We were mortified. It had never even occurred to either of us that they would ever see it — or, if they had, that they’d possibly remember it. (I think they thought it was funny/cute — they certainly didn’t mean to embarrass us.) Lesson learned, I never shared another photo that way again. Well… not ’til now anyhow. :P […]

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