Bowie, Frampton, Jimmy Cliff, Dave Stewart and Big Audio Dynamite

April 1987: This is one of those totally unexpected “right place, right time” kind of things. I was at my 12th or 13th Big Audio Dynamite (BAD) show — I had seen them several places in California as well as two shows in Boston, and then was there for a few in the series of five sold-out shows at the Irving Plaza in NYC.

One night after the show, everyone was backstage in this big room (looked to me sort of like a lodge meeting room) and at some point the crowd parted, leaving the celebs on one side of the room, and the normal boring people on the other. One side took photos of the other — but I’m not tellin’ which was which.

From left to right: Greg Roberts (BAD), Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Don Letts (BAD), David Bowie, Jimmy Cliff, Mick Jones (BAD/Clash), Dan Donovan (BAD – in white hat), Paul Simenon (Clash).


And again, with Mike D of the Beastie Boys walking across in front of everyone…


And the passes that got me there (from 2 different nights):


And for more from this artist…

This Is Big Audio Dynamite


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  • Anonymous says:

    I promoted those B.A.D. shows at Irving Plaza. There were 16 of them and I arranged for that group shot to be taken. That photo was stolen from me some years later. Even though I believe your image was photo shopped in to that image, I would really appreciate knowing where you got it from/.

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