Meeting Charlie Sexton

When: 1985 or 1986

Where: San Francisco, San Jose or Palo Alto and Sacramento

And: Charlie Sexton was the teenage musical prodigy who recorded his first album when he was 16 years old. When we met him, my friend and I were about that age, and he was just a year older. We thought he was fab, saw him three times, and took probably about 100 live photos of him.

The following year, that same friend and I met Charlie’s brother, Will, who was playing in Arizona during the summer of 1986. Since I knew the younger Sexton, I was inside at the soundcheck when Will and his band, The Kill, came to San Francisco in November of 1987. And because of that, I met this British drummer who was in one of the other bands on the tour. That led to me moving to England a couple months later, being married to that drummer guy for 17 years, and us having four kids together. (So I guess you could sort of say my kids are here because of Charlie Sexton, in a non-palimony kind of way, anyhow.)





And for more from this artist…

Cruel and Gentle Things



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  1. I have been a huge fan of Charlies since I first saw him on MTV’s Rock And Roll new Year’s Eve Ball in 85.
    I am so jealous of the fact that you have met him!!
    Very cool story about how you met your hubby via Charlie Sexton.

    Would love to see some of the pics from his concerts!

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