Crowded House – Liam Finn

Wee Liam Finn was just 3-1/2 years old when he and his mom Sharon accompanied proud papa Neil Finn on Crowded House’s US tour. These photos of him with his parents were taken during soundcheck at Wolfgang’s in San Francisco in April 1987 (I think maybe over two separate days).

One of my most vivid memories of Liam is when from my friend and I were on the band’s tour bus, driving with the guys from somewhere (maybe the local radio station?) to the venue for the show that night. Sharon had some candy and called to her son a couple times, “Liam — lolly!” And ever since then, I can’t hear the name Liam without coupling it with the lolly bit.

Liam is, however, now well past the stage of being impressed by lollies (aka candy). After having played onstage with his dad for years, Liam is now in his very own band — Betchadupa. You can read about them here (and see what the younger Finn looks like now), and visit the Betchadupa site.

Liam onstage with dad Neil during soundcheck
(Eddie Rayner on the left there):

Liam with his mom, Sharon:

And the music of Betchadupa…





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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, how adorable!

    Love all the Crowded House stuff here-very envious of you! Heh. Fantastic band, great pictures and stories. Definitely memories worth treasuring. Thanks for posting this stuff and letting others see it.

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