Crowded House – Paul Hester

Here’s the fabulous, much-missed Paul Hester, onstage with Nick — showing some food that either someone had thrown on stage or that came from the dressing room. (At the Berkeley show, he shared the backstage catering tray with the audience!)

Doing some role-reversal stuff — away from the drums and on the guitar!

And “dancing” with me in Berkeley:


I have more and better photos of this great guy — I haven’t been able to find them yet. Will post them when I do!



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  1. These are such awesome photos! You are so lucky to have met them so many times…sometimes I wish I was 20 years older so I could’ve experienced it all first-hand (I was born the same year that the first CH album came out, 1986). Hessie is sorely missed.

  2. What a great pic; how lucky you are to have met such an amazing guy (and fabulous band). Sadly, the world lost Paul to a completely preventable thing; if only someone could have reached out to him, to convince him his own life was worth saving. When I learned of his suicide, it brought back awful memories of a suicide that occurred in my family…so sad. He is missed.

    That said, are you as excited as I am that Crowded House is back, and TOURING?! I have my tickets to their show in a city near me already. I saw them back when Woodface was their newest album and they were what I like to say FINN-tastic! :o) I can’t wait for their new album to come out in June!

  3. I was at the Berkley Square show, 1987. One of my friends (girl) was pulled on stage that night. We all got back stage after the show and had a drink with the band plus Colin Hay from Men At Work was back there as well. Great gig. Will always remember it.

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