Crowded House’s Paul Hester in SF

Here’s the late, great Paul Hester on Haight. (That’s Haight Street in San Francisco for any non-hippies out there — I think this was at the northeast corner of Haight at Shrader.) Two friends and I took the Crowded House drummer shopping in the area one afternoon in 1987 and had a blast.

There are other photos from this day — like one of us trying on funny hats — but they’re still hiding. Still, this one pretty nicely sums up Paul’s silly mood that day.




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  1. Thanks for the photo and your story. That must have been amazing! I’d love to see any other pics you find from that day.

    What a life, and what a loss…

  2. Great guy… I would like to see him, but it’s sadly unreal… If you’ll find some other pictures showing Paul, please put them on this page ;)) He was soooo sweeeeet ;D

  3. When was this taken, April 1987? I went to the Berkley Square concert in March or April that year (Saturday night show) and got back stage (the lead singer of Men at Work was there as well). Curious to know if this was taken that day or one of the other concert days that year in SF?

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