Paul Hester rocks SF… and the world!

I recently found an old friend, Iskandar, and I asked him if I could use a fabulous pic I took of of him mugging with Crowded House drummer Paul Hester in San Francisco — the day we took Paul shopping in the Haight.

As Iskandar said I could post this photo, I thought I’d also run it on billboards around the world to make a bit more of a splash. Check it out!

On a sign in Times Square, NYC:

Paul Hester and Iskandar - NYC billboard

And in a huge train station:

Paul Hester and Iskandar - train station

At an outdoor shopping plaza:

Paul Hester and Iskandar - shopping signs

And for the purists among you, here’s the original pic of Paul Hester and Iskandar:

For more on how I made these photos — well, not the last one — check out this post on my main blog.



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