Curiosity Killed the Cat

When: 1986 or 1987

Where: Lafayette Parc Hotel, Lafayette, California

And: They were playing the Concord Pavilion (with several other bands, as I recall) and my friend and I managed to track down the hotel. They were staying an hour away from San Francisco… which pretty much nobody does, even when playing the East Bay like they did. Anyhow, the Curiosity Killed the Cat guys were all super cool and friendly, and seemed even a little happy to be recognized here in the US. (Andy Warhol directed their “Misfit” video, yet the band never really broke the market stateside.)

Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot:

Julian Brookhouse:

Nick Thorpe:

Miguel Drummond:

And for more from Curiosity Killed the Cat…

The Very Best of Curiosity Killed the Cat


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One Response

  1. Hey there, got to meet nick thorpe nice gentlemen. where can I get more info of your band and where do you play, I’m from vancouver, canada. met him in yaletown..

    Chat soon


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