Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode

July 1986: Alan Wilder at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco — waiting for Dave Gahan. Andre, the friendly semi-mohawked bodyguard/handler, is in the foreground, telling me off for taking photos.

But Andre didn’t stop us from getting autographs…depeche-mode-alan-wilder-autograph.jpg

Me with Alan in LA

And for more from Depeche Mode…

TITLE: Music for the Masses (Deluxe Edition CD+DVD)


  • […] We were the only fans around this morning, which was wonderful for us. The guys were great — though Andre the bodyguard (see photo of Alan) was making things difficult, not wanting us to take photos. Anyhow, Alan and Fletch were both very nice, Martin quiet but accommodating… and Dave was kind enough but in a hurry. (Everyone was waiting in the lobby to leave until Mr Gahan made it downstairs.) […]

  • ada says:

    i love depeche mode

  • King says:

    that’s pretty sweet… i was born in 1985 but still got into depeche mode’s violator.. good stuff, nice pics

  • beck says:

    depech mode is not the same since you left
    Alan please return to DM !!

  • DJ scribbles says:

    hi mindy, i first saw your photos on – the ’85 robert ones. then i started recognizing them on wikipedia! somehow months later i stumbled on this website. it’s good to hear your story. i’m a teenager myself, around your age then when you first started your rockstar interviews, and also live in the bay area! i began concert photography and journalism a year ago, youve inspired me to do more now. your 80s music days certainly arent that of the average teenager back then.

    all your stories and photos are priceless, thank you so much for sharing them with us

  • DJ scribbles says:

    omg, how tstupid of me! i meant nancy, not mindy!! i switched your name with another cure story by accident, sorry about that

  • Diana says:

    Hi Nancy… Gees you were young… seems to me you went out there and lived the life that many girls back then wished they had of… the edventure, courage and forethought… instead we went to clubs and sat in our rooms listening to LP’s… Amongst all the varied and much diversity of the 80’s Depeche Mode held true to their style… I can list at least 16 songs that were Dam Fine Songs and but most of all they could indeed perform live what an awesome voice… Thank you for triggering so so many memories :)

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