Martin Gore of Depeche Mode

I got this autograph in July 1986 at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco…


And I took this photo in Los Angeles, outside the Sunset Marquis hotel, later that month. He was all dressed up/made up on the way to the concert they were playing that night. What was really weird is that I’d just bought that same exact “shirt” at The Limited a few days before…


And for more from Depeche Mode…



  • Asdis says:

    Ahem… Hi :) I’m beyond jealous. I’m thinking if I’d lived in the USA as a teen, we probably would have met up several times. I loved all those bands… and still do! Saw Depeche Mode in London last April and will never ever forget those couple of hours of my life. Love this site!

  • Matthew says:

    This is a really cool site. I was born in northern California in 1972 and I grew up remembering the craze around this band during the eighties and early nineties. Hard to believe so many years have passed. I was a junior in high school when Violator was released and recall how huge it all was there. Martin will always be my favorite song writer than and now.

  • nico-chan says:

    Martin forever^^

  • Svetlana says:

    Wow, I´m jealous too :)). I have a 101 DVD (Rose Bowl – Pasadena) signed by Dave Gahan, but rather to have sign from Martin Gore! Please change it! :)) I´m just joking.

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