Meeting Depeche Mode

When: July 6, 1986 (or possibly July 7)

Where: Clift Hotel, San Francisco

What: Autographs, a couple photos

And: I had loved Depeche Mode for years, but had never managed to catch them live before their show at the Greek in Berkeley on July 5. Then we decided to head over to San Francisco the next morning to see if we could catch the band.

We were the only fans around this morning, which was wonderful for us. The guys were great — though Andre the bodyguard (see photo of Alan) was making things difficult, not wanting us to take photos. Anyhow, Alan and Fletch were both very nice, Martin quiet but accommodating… and Dave was kind enough but in a hurry. (Everyone was waiting in the lobby to leave until Mr Gahan made it downstairs.)

The only photo I got with Dave in it is below. You can see his back as he waits in line behind Martin and Alan.


And for more from Depeche Mode…

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