Duran Duran play Oakland – 1984

When: April 12, 1984

Where: Oakland Coliseum – Oakland, California

And: Ahhh – the “Seven and the Ragged Tiger” tour. My first ever concert (well, apart from non-rock shows my parents too me to — like the guy who sang the theme song for “Welcome Back, Kotter” — who was actually John Sebastian, formerly of The Lovin’ Spoonful.) I went all by myself — my mom didn’t even drop me off, which seems a little weird looking back. I was just 14.

I first spent some time in the pit in front of the stage and just about got heatstroke, so had to go up on the side. I actually had a twin-sized sheet that a friend and I had decorated and I held it up. (I don’t remember what it said, other than that it had the DD logo with the upright D overlapping the italicized one.) Alas, it got stolen when I put it on the chair behind me as I stood to watch the show. Lesson: Never trust a rabid Duranie when it comes to merch. LOL

My t-shirt from the show, still in its wrapper, and a concert program are around here somewhere…

One of my best photos (that’s not saying much):

And a close-up of the action in the pic above:


And for more from this artist…

Seven and the Ragged Tiger



3 Responses

  1. Has this version of Live in Oakland been edited with the special effects?
    Is it the complete concert with Simon introducing the band?

  2. Duran Duran in 1984. Jisses, this is pop history girl. Take care of these pics. I guess it must have been a blast. 1984 was a peek period for this group.

  3. hi vince you guys are great really love most of the stuff you did back then . i remember when you guy did the fooled again video and ourschool latrobe high was asked to come as a crowd . you guysv are really under rated . all the best keep drumming

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