Duran Duran’s John Taylor

When: May 22, 1985

Where: Outside the Clift hotel, San Francisco

What: “I went to see Duran Duran, and all I got was this lousy photo.”

And: This picture caused me much heartbreak, I tell you. It was taken as Mr Taylor was en route to the premiere of A View to a Kill — the movie for which Duran Duran had done the title song. I was heartbroken that none of the band stopped on their way from the back door of the hotel to the limo. There was a throng of screaming fans all around the car. And there I was, a girl who’d been one of the biggest Duranies ever, and they wouldn’t even so much as look at me. Hmph.

Later, after I got over the initial depression, I realized that things were always like that for the band — surrounded by mobs of people clamoring for their attention. I almost couldn’t blame them for not interacting with anyone right then. (Almost.)

But in reality, this was a really good thing for me — it opened up my musical horizons to all sorts of new bands because I wasn’t obsessed with Duran Duran nearly so much anymore. Pathetic but true.




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