Flesh for Lulu interview snip

Here’s a transcript of a little bit of my conversation with the Flesh for Lulu guys — Nick Marsh, James Mitchell and Rocco Barker — recorded over dinner at some little restaurant in San Francisco.

Me: How would your schoolmates have described you?

Nick Marsh: A complete bastard. No, no… they’d describe me as a genius, an inspiration.

James Mitchell: They’d say, “Truly, this is the son of God.”

Me: Where would you like to go in a time machine?

NM: [In a really heavy hippie accent] Woodstock! I’d like to go back to Egypt.

JM: The sixties — the swinging sixties in New York or San Francisco. The “Love Generation.” I’d like going back to the birth of Christ.

NM: The twenties were brilliant.

JM: I’d like to go to the twenties… the depression. No, no — skip that! I’d like to be in the Roman times. The Mayan civilization would be good.

NM: this is fun. If you ask any boring questions, I’ll flick food at ya!

Me: Do you believe in past lives?

NM: Yeah…

JM: Nick was Benito Mussolini. Before that, he was an ant.

Rocco Barker: I believe in reincarnation, whether it be animal or another person. I’d like to come back as some kind of predatory bird. An eagle. I like the idea of flying.

NM: I’d like to be reincarnated as a dolphin. They’re smarter than humans.

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