Flesh for Lulu interview snip

Here’s a transcript of a little bit of my conversation with the Flesh for Lulu guys — Nick Marsh, James Mitchell and Rocco Barker — recorded over dinner at some little restaurant in San Francisco.

Me: How would your schoolmates have described you?

Nick Marsh: A complete bastard. No, no… they’d describe me as a genius, an inspiration.

James Mitchell: They’d say, “Truly, this is the son of God.”

Me: Where would you like to go in a time machine?

NM: [In a really heavy hippie accent] Woodstock! I’d like to go back to Egypt.

JM: The sixties — the swinging sixties in New York or San Francisco. The “Love Generation.” I’d like going back to the birth of Christ.

NM: The twenties were brilliant.

JM: I’d like to go to the twenties… the depression. No, no — skip that! I’d like to be in the Roman times. The Mayan civilization would be good.

NM: this is fun. If you ask any boring questions, I’ll flick food at ya!

Me: Do you believe in past lives?

NM: Yeah…

JM: Nick was Benito Mussolini. Before that, he was an ant.

Rocco Barker: I believe in reincarnation, whether it be animal or another person. I’d like to come back as some kind of predatory bird. An eagle. I like the idea of flying.

NM: I’d like to be reincarnated as a dolphin. They’re smarter than humans.

And for more from this artist…

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  • […] And: My friend and I had a lot of fun interviewing the band over dinner. Their concert later at (the long-defunct) Club 9 was pretty cool, too, and we got to see the guys a little bit after the show. At the time, Flesh for Lulu were flying pretty high on the success of their song “I Go Crazy,” which was the main single from the John Hughes movie Some Kind of Wonderful, which starred Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson and Lea Thompson. […]

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