General Public, redux

When: December, 1986

Where: Sacramento, Berkeley & Santa Cruz

And: Saw the guys first at a club in in Sacramento, and then the next night in the Bay Area — and they were so amazing and nice, we trekked down to Santa Cruz to meet up with them again. They were fun and sweet and silly and just really fabulous people. I had met them very briefly nearly two years before, at the very start of my band-hoppin’ days, so it was very cool to have a chance to actually get to know them a bit. (I had been a big Beat fan, too, which made it all the better.)

Here’s just a selection of photos — it was hard to narrow them down. I thought these most reminded me of the feel of things at the time.

Horace Panter, Dave Wakeling & Gianni Minardi
(I think Dave was tossing m&ms)
Ranking Roger signing on
Stoker, backstage in Santa Cruz

Mickey takin’ notes in Sacramento


Ranking Roger making a point in Sacramento


Saxa, Horace and I believe the other guy’s name is John (and yes, Saxa was kissing Horace)


Dave, chillin’ out


Stoker and me – this was part of a series of silly Stoker photos



And for more from General Public…

All the Rage

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