INXS tour dates (1985 & 1986)

Confirmed US tour dates for 1985

January & February 1986

Both of these were from the INXS fan club in ’86-’86



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  1. Hi! wow girl! so lucky! I need your help, if you can. I was also at the INXS concert in Sac that August. That awesome intimate venue that was also, or had once been a theatre. blew my mind! anyway, time being unkind as it is, and the internet only listing the Sac concert as “Unknown Venue” can you remember (or still have ticket stub) the name of the place where it was held? The friend I went with that night her name is Nancy too! small world. really funny story from that night I sent recently to Richard Lowenstein on Facebook Messenger in case he thought it was funny enough to include in the movie about Michael.
    Many thanks,

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