Meeting INXS – Michael Hutchence

When: November 9, 1985

Where: Warfield Theatre, San Francisco

What: Caught the band going into the venue about 20 minutes before the show. Our tickets had been stolen, so Jon took pity on us and let us in.

And: This was the first time I met the band — and that meeting was brief but memorable. I was lucky enough to get a photo with the late, great Michael Hutchence. (Can you tell I was happy?)


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  1. I distictly remember Mr. Hutch. walking down Pier 39 in San Francisco after a violent gang fight that day. He arrived in a black limo and walked straight through the violence by himself- no body guards. Me and my future wife watched the fight and were mystified(no pun intended) by his walking through the crap happening. There were police everywhere and he just walked to the end of the pier without a bit of concern. He seemed to be almost floating as he walked which was very weird considering the circumstances that were around him. It was very cool and you could tell he either had a death wish or knew he was above it all. Amazing.

  2. I totally dig this picture as well. Too bad he is gone. Michael Hutchence is my 2nd favorite front man of all time after Dave Gahan. Man Michael had it all going for him, voice, stage presence, look, charm, all………..he is missed! Thank you for putting all these amazing pictures up that take me back to better music and more enjoyable times.

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