Level 42 – 1987

Here are some photos from meeting Level 42 — these should all be from 1987. They were opening for Tina Turner that year, and I saw at least two of those shows (Oakland and Los Angeles) in December 1987.

Mark King, wearing a fringed zebra

Sax player Krys Mach (I think) and Mike Lindup


Mike Lindup autograph


Mark being Batman at One Step Beyond
(per the flyer I have, this was September 29 in 1986 or 1987)


Comp ticket stub from Oakland

(and somewhere, could be there, we got front row seats)


And for more from this artist…

World Machine



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  1. Hello Nancy,

    Great photos! I worked at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara, CA when Level 42 played there. I’m certain the year was 1987, but I cannot give you the exact date just yet. I remember the show vividly. I met the entire band at sound check, and got a a couple of pieces of vinyl signed by every member of the group. Boon Gould was out of the band by that point, and his replacement Paul Gendler signed my records on the back, instead of the front with everyone else.

    I think I may have a spare 11 x 14 flyer advertising that show. If I can find one, I will certainly mail it to you if you wish. The show itself was magnificent; completely sold out, and such positive energy from everyone in the crowd and the band.

    When I left the hall after sound check, I spotted a boy and a girl hanging around outside in the back. I showed them my signed LP’s and they started screaming! The girl might have been you.

  2. Hi, Paul – Thanks for the info and for posting! Sounds like they were just as nice to you as they were to me. If you want to scan or photograph that flyer, it would be awesome! :-) FWIW, I am pretty sure it was not me you met. I would never, ever scream — very much not my thing — plus had already met the band a couple times at that point, so wouldn’t have been hanging out back most likely. LOL :-)

  3. I saw the band at the Great American Music Hall in the early ’90’s. Mark rocked the bass and Mike Lindup was there too. Can’t find any record online. Happen be aware of this gig and know the date?

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