Lloyd Cole: Where is he now?

Lloyd Cole, for all intents and purposes, faded into obscurity after his popularity in the 1980s. Turns out, the Brit ended up marrying an American in December 1989, and they now live with their two sons in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions re-formed briefly in 2004, and completed a sellout tour of the UK and Ireland in 2004.

But what’s he done for us lately? Turns out, the avid golfer Lloyd Cole released Broken Record in 2010, which was named Rolling Stone’s “album of the month.”

Here’s a look at how Lloyd looked then, how he looks now — and check out the video for “‘Writers Retreat” — the first single off Broken Record — at the bottom of the page!

Catch up with Lloyd at LloydCole.com.



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  1. Hi there,

    Wow! You impress me. Im an 80s music lover and I can´t believe you met all these artist from way back. Very nice to see someone appreciating that all so special decade. Im from Norway and I didn´t find any A-ha pics at your site, they recently had a farewell tour over here.

    Hey, keep up the good work. Looking trough your pics takes me back to the days, especially cause the pics are authentic and have that “fan quality” to them.


    Per Hanssen
    Oslo, Norway

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