Peter Murphy

When: March 3, 1987

Where: Kyoto Hotel, San Francisco

And: I didn’t get to talk to him much — we caught him on the way to the show. He was playing that night at the DNA lounge, a 21+ club, so we couldn’t get in. I saw him the next day, though, at One Step Beyond in Santa Clara. He signed the cover of my 12″ UK version of “Final Solution.” (Also see Peter Murphy’s fellow Bauhaus member Daniel Ash here.)

Not too long ago, I got to see saw Peter and Daniel play live together, when Bauhaus reunited for a gig at at Coachella in 2005.

Here, Peter has the makeup trowled on – that’s not Photoshop at work.



And for more from Peter Murphy…

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  1. You do remember that we caught the I-Beam soundcheck. After it was over, you had me go up to Peter to ask him for his autograph. He said, “We’re just going to have a bit of this” and showed me his stack of pizzas, meaning, of course, “No.” I was crushed but continued to and continue to be a huge fan of the dervish.

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