Interviewing Robert Smith of the Cure

When: October 5 or 6, 1985

Where: Miyako Hotel, San Francisco

And: When we got to the hotel to try to meet The Cure, there weren’t really any fans around except for two girls who were going to be interviewing Robert Smith for their high school paper. We hung out with them for a few hours, as Robert was three hours late for the interview. When he finally came down at about 5pm, he explained that he had been sleeping.

He was very friendly, quite sweet and very accommodating — we all wound up asking him questions and taking photos of and with him. He was a shoegazer in the truest sense — kept looking at his shoes, my shoes, playing with his shoelaces…

One quote from the interview: “I am not a musician. A musician is someone who works all his life to perfect his instrument. I don’t work that hard — I have no desire to become a musician. I’m just a singer who writes songs and plays a little guitar.”

A page out of Smash Hits magazine (with a shot from the “Inbetween Days” video) that Robert signed for me

And for more from The Cure…

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