Robert Smith, reading

One more shot of Mr Robert Smith of The Cure from this day in 1985. He was looking an article on Go West (in the copy of Smash Hits magazine I brought for him to autograph) because they were staying across the street and we had just run into them.




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  1. Hello,
    Who’s This?
    Mate, You Were Young There!
    I Still Have That T-Shirt You Gave Me A Long Time Ago!
    Look’s Like This One.
    Mate I Had To Write About This Image As I Was Searching For A Picture Of That T-Shirt You Gave Me! Talk Soon,

  2. i’ve got only one thing to say about Robert Smith, he’s immortal, and i’d do anything to being in Mary Poole’s place.

    For me, he’s kind of, the most beautiful guy that ever existed .^^


  3. hola roberto solo quiero decirte que! la musica de the cure incfluyo en mi como en muchos otros! lo se! agradesco aver nacisdo en esta era humana agradesco haber conincido de epoca ,agardesco a mi instinto por haberme cobijado en aquellas notas que hicieron de mi o ayudaron a que explotara esta inspiracion! gracias totales!
    the cure siempre en mi corazon!

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