A girl with a Mission

Here I am with Mick Brown, once of The Mission (aka The Mission UK). I look a bit squished, but apparently survived without injury. ;-) This was taken at One Step Beyond/Club Hell in Santa Clara, California in May 1987.


And for more from this artist…

Mission UK - Resurrection/Greatest Hits



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  1. Hi there. I write and publish a fanzine for The Mission (UK) called ‘Tadeusz’. After a 30 year gap I’m getting back to archiving the band’s legacy (before we’re all dust and memories!!). Love your photo of you and Mick at One Step Beyond, and I’ve certainly seen another shot of Mick solo likely from the same moment. I hope you’re still online and active, I’d really like to see what memories and photos you have from the band being in your area and share it in the magazine (it’s 48 page full colour now so hard to call it a fanzine from it’s first version 1988!). Thanks.

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