Then Jerico

When: May 14, 1988

Where: Montreux, Switzerland, down at the lake shore (fog & water behind us)

And: If I look like the cat who swallowed the canary, well, that pretty well sums it up. I’d loved Then Jerico from afar for years. They never did much stateside, but I got hold of their album and then followed them their career through British and Japanese music magazines. So when we were able to catch up with them at the Montreux festival, we pretty much felt like we could have died happy at that point. I took several B&W pictures of the band when they were doing a photoshoot for someone else (which I can’t find), and a friend of mine took this shot of me with Jasper Stainthorpe, Steve Wren & Mark Shaw.

For what it’s worth, I ended up meeting the band again a year or two later when I was living in England, and had more of a chance to talk to them that time.


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