Meeting the Thompson Twins

When: January 19, 1986

Where: San Bernardino, California

What: Photos, autographs and cake!

And: This was, I believe, the very last Thompson Twins show with the band as a three-piece. Getting into the concert was interesting. I drove up (down?) from LA with some friends, and we got there pretty late. We also didn’t have tickets. I can’t quite remember how we did it, but I think some security guys gave us a couple passes — which we swapped off to get all three of us inside the building. After the gig itself, we — and about 50 other people — hung around on the floor, and the band came out and signed autographs and posed for photos. Then we also got to go in the back loading area, where there was a big birthday cake for Tom! It was a really cool experience, and the band couldn’t have been nicer.




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  1. What a wonderful day that was! I remember it so well. Good times! :) It blows me away to think that it was 22 YEARS AGO!!!??? How is that possible?

  2. I saw Thompson Twins in concert back in 1985 in Indianapolis. OMD opened for them. Actually met Andy from OMD between sets – he came out into the crowd to watch Thompson Twins.

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