Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins: Where is he now?

As of 2009, former Thompson Twins leader Tom Bailey was performing as International Observer — described as “Indo-fusion music” — and you can check out their myspace page here. (Readers down under can also check out the Vitamin site.)

Here’s a photo of Tom from about 2009:

Tom Bailey was born on January 18, 1954 — meaning he was about 55 when this photo was taken.



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  1. IH Tom

    I was in your fan club when you were the Thompson twins, I am disabeled. I was happy to see
    You on the I pad 2. I am 44 years old. Now I like Star Trer. I Live in Camberley.

    From Philip Barber…………..

  2. HI tom,now you are looking like a school teacher.Isaw you perform live at the birmingham odeon when i was sixteen,into the gap,and it is still one of the best stage performances ive seen and i have seen em all.Your music was very unique and your style was cool,i remember dying my hair a red burgandy colour and wareing bright green socks down to you old chap.also remember falling to sleep snugged up in bed listening to one of my favourte t twins tracks,kamikarse.Thanks for all ya hard work back then and hope you have a great and wonderful mature wishes mr A Collinson.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Any chance the International Observer will tour Melbourne Australia? I really like the way you are exporing different music these days, although I was a big fan of the Thompson Twins back when I was a teen. Good to see you are still making tunes.


  4. Hey Tom!
    I was a huge fan of yours in the 80’s. The Thompson Twins were the first live concert I ever saw and will resonate in my mind for the rest of my life. You gave birth to my love of live concerts.
    I also had all the albums and the hairstyle.

    Hope all is well and thank you

  5. Hi Tom how are you hope your fine . I’m 44 now and when I was a teenager 16 i was absolutely mad on the Thompson twins . Used to drive mum and dad mad with the music blasting from my hi fi which at the time was a technics with a fab sound . Mum said she could hear it when she was walking down the street . My only regret was not watching you live in concert but hey never mind , I still have great memories . Great to hear that your still in music Tom . Thanks once again for brightening up my teenage years and the great music you gave us all

  6. Hi Tom,

    I must say that your extended mixes are still unbeatable :-) Some favourites are Detective (More Clues), Machines Take Me Over & the 9 min Sister Of Mercy. I have just digitalized my old 12inch TT-collection in 24bit/96KHz. Fantastic! You hear so much more details than on CD.

    Lay Your Hands On Me was the one that really touched me back then, now I’m 42. Great tune – the melancholic verse plus the optimistic chorus. But it’s the Sadkin version I love, not the one with Nile Rogers. Thank you for that / making teenage years so much better.

    In retrospect you did not get the recognition for all these great compositions. I mean, sure, it’s basically teenage music, but listen to all the fantastic details, the great arrangement, the Z-Bass, that fantastic Movement drum machine… I wish you’d use that equipment to do some more tunes in the old way. I prefer these sounds to most of today’s. How much did Joe & Alannah actually help you with the music itself? For me it seems you were the main muscial talent.

    I think Roll Over was not bad at all, why did you withdraw it? And why was the B-Side of King For A Day (Rollunder) only instrumental?

    Questions over questions…

    OMG, how I used to wait for a new TT-single. TWINS 126, haha. These were really exciting times!!! They will stay with me forever! Thank you so much!

  7. Hello Tom!,

    You’re still a good looking fellow! I have always found your particular music amazing! Be it Twins, Babble, and IO! It is very interesting what the Twins (You, Alannah and Joe) are now doing. Time went by so fast!

    Best Wishes’
    Von, Reno, NV USA

  8. You did a really great job in the 80ts, thx for that. Hope you are well, greetings from Germany

  9. Hi Tom!!! I remember the very first video of Thompson Twins I seen. I also thought you were the cutest man I ever seen!! (You still looking good) I yall posters and cassette tapes. Your group made the 80’s great

  10. Some of the best music from my high school years. You could pop with the best, but were so much better than most knew if they only saw you on MTV. Thank God for you all and your songs: Doctor/Doctor, Hold Me Now, Lay Your Hands On Me and You Take Me Up. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR MANY GIFTS!!! You made my life fuller and still do to this day!

  11. You were fantastic 27 years ago and fantastic today.! Please tell me you will be in Sandy, Utah in 2015.

  12. thank you so much for adding a soundtrack to my youth, saw you in Tampa florida in 1985, had the best time there. you guys were awesome, also saw you at Live Aid with Madonna. singing Revolution. good times

  13. I still love “Sugar Daddy” and “If you were here” remains one of my childhood faves.

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