In the presence of U2

When: Must have been 1986, when U2 and Sting were on the Amnesty International tour

Where: Outside the Clift Hotel, San Francisco

And: In the title, I say “in the presence” versus “meeting” because there wasn’t a lot of personal attention to be had. There were tons of people outside the hotel that day, and not enough rock stars to go around! (U2 and Sting were at the same hotel on the same day — so you can imagine there was a significant degree of pandemonium.)

I got a couple laughably bad pictures, as seen below, but also a cool glyph-like autograph from U2 guitarist The Edge.

Altogether, this “meeting” was as unique and special as Wal-Mart when compared to the chic-boutique-style band meeting experience I had come to enjoy. Not complaining, just sayin’.

A close up of Bono’s arm:
The Edge glyph:


And The Edge (aka Dave Evans) himself:


And for more from this artist…

The Joshua Tree


  • […] And: There was a mob of people around Sting (who had only somewhat recently left The Police). So many people, in fact, that I didn’t get anything other than this really fabulous photograph. (U2 were there, too, so the wannabe paparazzi were having a field day.) […]

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    I like these photos. Cool site!

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