UB40: The first band I met

When: Around February of 1985

Where: San Francisco – their hotel and the Warfield Theater

And: Ahhh… the very first band I met, on their Geffery Morgan… tour. Guess you could say I was never the same after that “Cherry Oh Baby” (it’s a song UB40 covered on Labour of Love, guys) was popped, huh? My friends (four or five of us) met Astro first pre-show at the hotel, and he let us in via the backstage area. I was just tripping out. During the concert I took photos with my lame little camera — only one came out. After the show, we met the whole band back at their hotel and got autographs and took pictures with them. Sadly, not a single photo came out because I didn’t have a flash on the camera. (Eventually, I learned to carry a proper camera, with plenty of extra film and batteries!)

Ali Campbell onstage
My first UB40 autographs, on a page from
the September 15, 1984 issue of No 1 magazine (UK)


And for more from UB40…

Geffery Morgan



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