AI made easy: How to boost your skills, career, and everyday life with artificial intelligence


About us

We think that AI shouldn’t be reserved for the elite or the tech-savvy. Everyone should be able to not just access artificial intelligence affordably, but also be able to use it to enhance their lives, whether that means on the job or personally… or both.

Why we’re here

We’ve seen many electronic revolutions in our lifetime. From the timeshifting liberation of VCRs (you could see a TV show any time you wanted, and watch them over and over!) to the high quality portable music bonanzas of DVDs and, later, streaming music.

Back in the 1990s, the internet was a revelation that delivered an exhilarating and overwhelming flood of information, and for the next quarter century, we built our whole careers around it.

And although we expected the field of technology to grow and develop in vast new directions, we didn’t really expect to have another technological game changer in our lifetimes.

Then came along Artificial Intelligence.

AI isn’t just the web’s flashy cousin, but helps unlock the internet’s value. It analyzes, organizes, and interprets the data deluge, helping us find what matters and make sense of it all.

It also personalizes our experience, helps us find things we love, and even surfaces solutions to problems we hadn’t recognized.

AI inspires us to overcome creative blocks by presenting new perspectives and solutions, blending technology with human imagination to enrich our lives. By handling the tedious aspects of our work, AI gives us the luxury of time — time that can be spent on innovation, problem-solving, and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.

In short, the internet opened doors, but AI helps us walk through them. It tailors solutions to our specific needs, amplifies our strengths, and empowers us to shape our own unique journeys in the digital world.

About us

We’re Betsy Bailey and Nancy J Price, and we’ve been kickin’ around the internet constantly since the mid-1990s.

We started our first little company together the same month as Google began (they have been slightly more successful), focusing on the burgeoning field of content websites.

The digital revolution allowed us to thrive creatively, make new connections, and learn new skills — opening up the whole world along with it — — and let us work from home, where we could be with our young children.

Following the whole “write what you know” theme, we first focused on creating for the motherhood and pregnancy niches. In 1999, we expanded to provide ideas and information to women more broadly, and started the website.

So we met online, set up a company together, started several websites, worked side-by-side across the country for years, launched a couple of print magazines… and then finally met in person with a whole camera crew there to capture the moment for televised posterity.

About Nancy J Price and Betsy Bailey
Clippings from the years (not AI generated images)

In 2004, we both moved our families to the Phoenix metro area in Arizona, brought on new partners, grew and grew and grew our business… and eventually sold the company that we’d spent so many long years building. (As the original founders of SheKnows, we stayed on with the company until it was the #1 site for women back in 2012.)

After SK, Nancy started a few more websites, including the vintage & retro wonderland, while Betsy had a variety of offline adventures.

In 2017, Kyle Cox, one of our Arizona business partners, invited us to lead the editorial team for a dynamic USA Today project called Grateful. While it only lasted about 2-1/2 years, it was a wild ride that eventually inspired us to work together and create new things. This site is one of those things.

While Nancy still does her best to stay out of the Arizona sun (yes, it’s a dry heat — really!), Betsy has traded cacti for snowflakes in her new Minnesota home.

PS: Unless otherwise noted, all images on this site have been generated by AI. (Most with Midjourney, but some with ChatGPT, Bing & Jasper.)

PPS: For more than a decade, the original version of was Nancy’s personal site with her band photos from the 80s and beyond. (That’s all moved to

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