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AI for absolute beginners: 19 free & simple ways to experience AI fun

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Try the playful side of AI: Interactive tools and creative platforms for everyday fun

Welcome to the world of AI, where the future is not only fascinating, but fun! If you’re new to artificial intelligence, there’s no need to be overwhelmed.

Ever wonder what it’s like to chat with a robot smarter than your toaster? Or maybe you want to unleash your inner artist with AI tools?

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AI for absolute beginners

AI isn’t just for experts or big companies anymore. Now, everyone can use it, including you. We’ve put together a list of simple and free AI tools that are easy to use. With these tools, you can see for yourself what AI can do, without needing any special skills.

These tools are made for beginners, and include several that don’t require a subscription fee. You can chat with smart bots that might write a poem for you, use AI to make art or music, or get help with everyday tasks — it’s all about trying it out in a fun and easy way. So, if you’re curious about AI, this is your chance to start exploring.

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Chat with clever bots

Gemini by Google

Gemini, developed by Google, is an interactive AI chatbot designed to engage in conversations, create poetry, translate languages, and even construct imaginative stories.

It’s user-friendly and well-suited for anyone curious about AI’s capabilities in language and creativity.

Website: Gemini (

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Gemini is versatile, so dont hesitate to explore a wide range of topics. Whether it’s everyday questions, creative storytelling, or complex theoretical discussions, Gemini can handle it.

Bing AI/Copilot

Bing AI, from Microsoft, is a versatile chatbot that can discuss a wide range of topics, from current events to personal hobbies. Over the years, it has evolved to include features powered by GPT-4, making it a multifunctional tool.

Bing AI can help with creating travel itineraries, composing poetry, generating song lyrics, assisting with coding, and even improving grammar in texts.

Website: Bing AI (

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Bing AI can be helpful in generating first drafts for documents like emails, memos, and marketing pitches. Be specific in your request to get the best results.

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ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is a powerful language model that enables users to engage in creative writing, including poems, code, scripts, and musical pieces.

It’s designed to be intuitive and accessible, making it a great platform for those looking to explore AI’s capabilities in generating human-like text.

Website: ChatGPT (

Awn icon 30Try this

  • Generate easy recipe ideas: ChatGPT can suggest creative and easy-to-follow recipes based on your available ingredients or dietary preferences.
  • Debug code: For programmers, ChatGPT can be useful in identifying bugs in code and suggesting fixes or improvements.
  • Explain complex topics: ChatGPT can simplify complex concepts into understandable language, making it a great learning and teaching tool.
  • Write a song: Provide a theme or some lyrics, and ChatGPT can help complete the song with suggestions on lyrics and musical arrangements.

Play with images


Runway is designed for a wide range of users, from artists to developers, offering access to a diverse set of pre-trained models for creative applications. This platform covers not just AI image generation but also music, video, and design.

The free plan offers 125 credits per day, with each image generation using 5 credits. Paid plans start at $15/month for more credits. Runway is suitable for users seeking diverse pre-trained models and the capability to train custom AI models.

Website: Runway (

Awn icon 30Try this

  • Generate unique media for social media: Use Runway to create distinctive images, animations, or videos for your social media platforms.
  • Experiment with different AI models: Explore Runway’s pre-trained AI models. Each model offers unique capabilities, so try several to see which one best suits your creative needs.
  • Produce music videos: Leverage Runway’s video editing capabilities to create music videos with AI-generated visuals, or add enhancements to existing footage.
Charming nighttime hillside scene - AI image at AndWhatsNext com
Charming nighttime hillside scene – AI image

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DreamStudio by Stability AI

DreamStudio is straightforward and developed by Stability AI, the same team behind the powerful AI model Stable Diffusion. It offers a no-fuss, straightforward tool with a pay-per-image pricing model.

Users get free credits to start with, and additional images can be generated for $1 per 500 images. DreamStudio is great for users looking for an open-source AI model and a straightforward platform.

Website: DreamStudio (

Awn icon 30Quick tip

Understanding the basics of the Stable Diffusion model can help you create more precise prompts for better image outputs.


Canva is a well-known graphic design platform that offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of design tools. While Canva is not primarily an AI image generator, it has text-to-image generation among its other AI features. This includes features like automatic resizing, color palette suggestions, and design layout recommendations.

It’s great for those who want a comprehensive design tool with AI-enhanced capabilities. Canva offers a free version with a vast array of features, and paid plans are available for more advanced options.

Website: Canva (

Awn icon 30Try this

  • Design a logo: Canva’s Logo Maker tool allows you to create a unique and professional logo for your business or personal brand, even if you have no design experience.
  • Make digital artwork: Canva provides various tools and elements that can be used to create digital paintings, illustrations, or abstract designs.
  • Design eBooks: Canva can be used to design and layout eBooks, giving them a professional and polished look.
  • Create educational materials: For teachers and educators, Canva is a great tool to create engaging educational materials like presentations, worksheets, and posters.
Ai designed logo concepts at AndWhatsNext com
Ai designed logo concepts

Create music


SOUNDRAW is an AI-powered music generation platform that allows you to create royalty-free music for personal and commercial use. It’s simple to use: you choose a mood, genre, and length, and then the AI generates a unique song for you.

You can then customize the song by adding or removing sections, changing the tempo, and more.

Website: SOUNDRAW (

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After generating a song, take advantage of the customization options. Add or remove sections, change the tempo, or tweak the instruments to make the piece truly yours.


AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) is an AI music composition software designed for both professional composers and hobbyists. It uses deep learning to compose emotional soundtrack music.

This platform is unique because it allows users to create music for videos, games, and other media.

Website: AIVA (

Awn icon 30Try this

AIVA specializes in creating emotional soundtrack music. Try using it to create unique soundtracks for animation scenes or video game levels!


Boomy is an innovative AI platform that enables users to create original music in seconds. You can generate songs with just a few clicks, and then personalize them to your taste.

Boomy’s intuitive interface makes it accessible for those without any musical background, while also offering creative opportunities for seasoned musicians.

Website: Boomy (

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Boomy’s platform allows for quick music generation, making it ideal for fast-paced projects or when you need music in a pinch.

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Have a blast with interactive games

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon offers a unique, AI-powered interactive story game. Players can choose their own adventure, make decisions, interact with characters, and see where their imagination leads.

This game is an excellent showcase of AI’s ability to create dynamic and evolving narratives based on player choices.

Play now at: AI Dungeon (

Awn icon 30Try this

  • Adjust the AI settings: The game offers various settings to adjust the AI’s behavior, such as randomness and verbosity.
  • Be descriptive: For example, rather than saying “go to the castle,” you could say “walk towards the castle while observing the surroundings.”
  • Customize your experience: Use the World Info feature to create custom settings and characters. If you have a specific story idea, create a custom prompt to guide the AI.
  • Collaborate with friends: AI Dungeon’s multiplayer mode allows you to create stories with friends. This can lead to unexpected and entertaining story developments!


ELIZA is a classic AI chatbot created in the 1960s, offering a nostalgic trip into the early days of natural language processing.

This simple yet fascinating program provides insights into how far AI technology has come in understanding and interacting with human language.

Experience ELIZA at: mass:werk (

Awn icon 30Quick tip

  • Remember, ELIZA was created in the 1960s. Don’t expect complex interactions!
  • ELIZA responds best to open-ended comments or inquiries, like “I feel happy” or “Why do people get sad?”
  • Part of the fun is discovering what ELIZA can and can’t understand. The responses can be surprisingly deep, or hilariously off-the-mark.

Hands holding a globe of earth - AI image at AndWhatsNext com

Explore the world

Google Earth Voyager

Use Google Earth Voyager to embark on guided tours around the globe. This tool uses AI to offer interactive stories and educational experiences.

It’s a great way to learn about different cultures, historical sites, and natural wonders from the comfort of your home.

Website: Google Earth Voyager (

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Dont forget to experiment with different layer options! They can add valuable information to your tour — including street views, 3D buildings, and historical images.

Old Maps Online

Discover the past through historical maps. This portal uses AI to make it easier to find and explore old maps in high detail, providing a unique glimpse into how places have changed over time.

Website: Old Maps Online (

Awn icon 30Try this

Click over to the “Compare” tab, then enter the name of your hometown (or a city you’re familiar with). Use the tools overlay ability to compare different maps and see how it has changed over time!

Learn a language

儭 Duolingo

Learning a new language can be fun with Duolingo. This app uses AI to personalize your learning experience.

Whether you’re a beginner or brushing up on a language, Duolingo adapts to your style, helping you learn at your own pace.

Website: Duolingo (

Awn icon 30Quick tip

Some Duolingo language courses include Tips sections. These tips provide valuable insights into grammar and language usage, especially as you progress through the course.


Mondly uses AI to provide interactive, conversational language learning experiences.

It offers daily lessons, real-life simulations, and feedback on pronunciation, making language learning engaging and practical.

Website: Mondly (

Awn icon 30Try this

Use Mondlys Augmented Reality (AR) feature to interact with virtual characters and objects to enhance your learning experience!

Learning a new language - AI at AndWhatsNext com


Lingvist uses AI to adapt language courses to your level and speed of learning. It focuses on vocabulary and grammar, offering a personalized approach to learning a new language efficiently.

Website: Lingvist (

Awn icon 30Quick tip

  • The AI in Lingvist adapts to your learning speed and level, offering a tailored learning path. Be open to the pace and style of learning it suggests.
  • Lingvist places a strong focus on expanding your vocabulary and understanding grammar. Regular practice is key to mastering these aspects.
  • The platform uses a flashcard system for vocabulary learning. Regularly revisiting these flashcards can greatly aid in memory retention and reinforcement of learned words.

AI for nature lovers


If you love nature, iNaturalist is a must-try! This app uses AI to identify plants and animals from your photos.

It’s not only fun but also contributes to citizen science, helping researchers track biodiversity.

Website: iNaturalist (

Awn icon 30Quick tip

Use well-framed, high-quality photos for your observations. Multiple photos from different angles can aid in accurate identification.

Cute bird - AI image at AndWhatsNext com

Merlin Bird ID

Developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Merlin Bird ID app helps you identify birds you see or hear. Using AI, it listens to the birds around you or lets you upload a photo to identify the bird.

It’s a fantastic tool for birdwatchers and a fun way to learn about the avian life around you.

Website: Merlin Bird ID (

Awn icon 30Try this

  • Download bird packs specific to your region for more accurate identification.
  • Make sure to record the location and time of your bird sightings for accurate data logging.
  • Keep an eye out for rare or unusual birds in your area and document them using the app.


Plantix is perfect for gardeners and farmers. This app uses AI to diagnose plant diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies.

Simply upload a photo of the affected plant, and Plantix provides a diagnosis, treatment suggestions, and prevention tips. It’s a helpful tool for maintaining healthy plants and gardens.

Website: Plantix (

Awn icon 30Quick tip

Consider the treatment and prevention tips provided by the app for maintaining healthy plants.

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