Frequently (sorta) asked questions

Q: You photoshopped all these. Right?
A: No. (See more of an explanation and an example here.) It’s sad that in this oh-so-retouched era, so many people just assume everything is faked. But one last time: All of these photos and questionnaires and ticket stubs and backstage passes are original, mine, scanned in by me and posted here. Why I or anyone would fake these photos is beyond me. LOL

Q: How can I contact you?
A: For requests, questions, rants, raves, suggestions and large cash donations, use the form at the end of this page, or you can email me at nancy this domain.

Q: Can you send a message/letter/package on to (artist’s name goes here).

A: No, sorry — much as I wish, I don’t keep in touch with these people. I recommend a Google search for contact details!

Q: Where did you meet all these people? How?!
The majority all of the 80s memorabilia on this site came from my time in San Francisco.

My most typical haunts…



In the mid-80s, there were three main hotels where you could find almost all the bands and musicians who came through town. Where they stayed mostly depended on how famous they were. There were exceptions to that rule, of course — for example, some pretty big artists stayed in Japantown because they were playing just down the street at the Fillmore.

But roughly…