Hurrah The Beautiful cover shoot - black and white 1988
Above: Dave Porthouse, Taffy Hughes, Paul Handyside, Steve Price in 1988


Who is Hurrah?

From Wikipedia:

“Hurrah! were a British jangle pop band formed in the early 1980s and active until 1991. Two band members traded off lead vocals on track-by-track basis, giving the band two distinctly different sounds.”

From the former Kitchenware Records site:

kitchenware hurrah“The suede-clad foursome would release several indie singles before signing to Arista Records for the release of their debut long player Tell God I’m Here… Much lauded by the music press in the mid-80s, Hurrah! would release a second album, support U2 and become the first Western band to play in Iraq in their fiery few years.”

Core band members

  • Paul Handyside (guitar/vocals)
  • David ‘Taffy’ Hughes (guitar/vocals)
  • David Porthouse (bass)

Past drummers

  • Mark Sim
  • Damien Mahoney (198?-1986)
  • Steve Price (1986-1990)
  • Adrian Evans (1990-1991)

How can I hear their music?

You can check out the Hurrah! videos on this site — remembering, though, that most of them are from copies of copies of VHS tapes from the 1980s, which were then digitized and uploaded to the web, so the sound quality is pretty lousy.

Amazon: You can see Hurrah’s various albums and downloads available at (US site) here, and on here (British site)

iTunes: Check out what Hurrah! song downloads are available via Apple here

Google Play: A few downloads available here.

Where are the guys from Hurrah now?

Hurrah! on Facebook: Facebook page (mostly inactive) | Hurrah! group page

Paul Handyside: Facebook page |

Taffy Hughes: Facebook page for The girl with the replaceable head | Website

Steve Price: (Arizona, USA)

Where did this stuff come from?

The things posted here came from various sources — including fans of the band, YouTube, and eBay listings — but are primarily sourced from private collections. A big huge thanks to Katsumi Konishi for carrying the torch all these years! (Lyrics were pulled from online sources, and may not be completely accurate.)

This site was created by Nancy Price, former wife of one-time Hurrah! drummer Steve Price. She hopes the stuff here will not just offer fond memories to the band’s fans, but also show their four kids what dad was up to all those years ago. See more from her at and

What if I have something to share?

Have a photo, magazine clipping or something else we can post on this site? Please send it on! You can reach Nancy on Twitter, or send an email to her first name at with the details. (Please include Hurrah in your email subject line.)