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Hurrah!: Here to stay

Star Hits magazine – March 1988 issue

It’s reason enough to cheer that they changed their name from the Green-Eyed Children to Hurrah! (hoo-ray!). The fact that their disc Tell God I’m Here is a pretty major LP is just icing on the cake.

Hurrah! file into the room and flop down on the bed. They are Paul Handyside (vocals, guitars), David “Taffy” Hughes, Dave [Porthouse] (bass, vocals) and Steve Price (drums) and they are pretty danged happy to be setting in a Chicago hotel room, talking shop.

“It’s like a job, really,” explains Taffy. “But it’s like a job that you enjoy a lot and get to see the world with.” The other members, Britishers all, nod in unison. “We don’t have a social or ┬ápolitical agenda or anything,” says Paul.

That’s not to confuse Hurrah! with a fluff band. They do have a serious side. After all, calling a record Tell God I’m Here is a far cry from shimmee shimmee coco pop. Their sound isn’t an easy one to describe. It’s broad, fluctuating between pronounced bass riffs and trebly guitars.

“We’ve got a lot of influences,” offers Taffy.

Live, these fellas outdo themselves. Dave’s bass speaks out and Steve gives his drum set quite a beating. Twixt Dave and Paul’s guitar is enough power to light up a house.

“It’s going pretty well,” says Taffy after the show, addressing things in general. It’s an understatement.

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