Melody Maker: Three Cheers for Honesty

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Three Cheers for Honesty

Bringing a measure of excellence, arrogance and even respectability to our national chart is hardly an easy thing to do, but, with their latest evocative outing, Hurrah!, without intention, are doing just that. Not before time, not before long and most definitely not in front of the children.

The tale is frequently told of the Geordie band who formed a few years ago; stapled to the rich bosom of Kitchenware Records, but who, despite high indie reverence, became so poor that they had to flog their instruments, when they’d rather be flogging themselves, to survive. When suddenly, cantering along on Nick Heywood’s broken back, came Arista Records of all people, offering contracts after hearing them blowing their noses in the dark…

Published in Melody Maker –¬†January 24, 1987


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