“Sweet Sanity” video & lyrics

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hurrah sweet sanity video (2)


As featured on The Tube (UK)


Sweet Sanity lyrics

Well, I walked into town
With my hands by my side
Nothing hurts anymore
Not my guilt, not my pride
It’s the season I am told
That your reason starts to fade
And the first sounds you say
Voices calling my name but now,

Oh, sweet sanity
Did you call when I was not here
Oh sweet sanity
You had no reason to disappear

Well, I never expected
All those dreams to survive
There’s this game I’ve perfected
It’s called taking a dive
There’s a tree by a brook
Where we once used to play
Nothing there anymore
Except the vows that we made, well now


Yes, now and all this calamity
That you cause when you’re not here
Stops all thoughts of vanity
About this long and selfish career
And for a second sweet sanity
Did you say
That you’d go around here again
Oh, sweet sanity
Come and free me
From this ball and chain

Where are those years

Come on, come on
Where are those blessed days
Come on, come on
Give me my golden days
Come on, come on
Taste this honey and those hips
Come on, have the world
At my fingertips

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