Will Hurrah learn to stop apologising?

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From Record Mirror, January 31, 1987

There they are: torn jeans and leather jackets, jumping around, bumping into each other amid the jangling twin guitar sounds and nervous stares.

Hurrah! are on video, playing the strains of their new single, “If Love Could Kill.” Yet the vibes remain, with that energy, so long an absent factor from today’s pastiche pop.

Harmonious noises set to the standard attention span of three minutes; unashamed rock ‘n’ roll. But this rock’s got soul.

Here they are. Newcastle’s lads-most-likely-to-have-arrived, half an hour late. All’s forgiven though. They’ve just completed a 10-hour journey from Geordieland through snow-bound Britain.

“Been a long time coming” has been the story of Hurrah’s life to date. But they’re here now: in the charts, in the bosom of a major record company, and, above all for them, in employment…

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Hurrah Will Hurrah! Learn To Stop Apologising

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