80s memorabilia on my bedroom walls

Here are some of the posters, album covers, autographs, ticket stubs and other random bits of music memorabilia I had up on my bedroom walls from 1983 to around 1988.

Autographs below include Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Go West, Gene Loves Jezebel, Level 42, King, Julian Cope, Ten Ten, Peter Murphy and General Public. (Sadly, I only know where the album covers are now — the rest is all gone.)

INXS poster, Models poster, autographed Crowded House poster, autographed albums (Pet Shop Boys, Blow Monkeys, Models, Flesh for Lulu):


Signed Peter Murphy poster, with his addition of “Frisco 87.”


This one is from the height of my Duran Duran insanity… my bedroom door is in the lower right corner of this photo (if you look closely, you can see the light switch next to it) — and most of what you see here in the top half of the pic is my bedroom ceiling.

My friend Val and my parakeet in front of FGTH autographs, a Belouis Some autograph, and various other photos and posters.



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  1. I love your site – it brings back so many good memories of growing uo in the eighties. I think we must be around the same age. I looked at the photo of your bedroom wall and couldn’t believe it – it could have been my bedroom wall….I even had the same Aha pictures and of course, being from New Zealand the Models, Inxs and Crowded House featured in a big way.

  2. Cool site!
    Your 80s bedroom looks the same as mine did. I did posters and mad photos on the walls and ceiling too.
    I grew up about 20 miles outside of Portland Or and didn’t see a lot of great bands come through. But did see the Cure in 85 (Oct 4) same tour as your interview pics.
    Nice work!

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