• anna says:

    Which is the age of james? ……………… i love u bby

  • Lyn says:

    Thankyou so very much for putting this up, I recall something I used to own that was very similar to this from a magazine called “Smash Hits” back in the 80’s. I treasured that interview with the stats for most of my life until I had a house fire 2 years ago where I lost EVERYTHING that I had collected. The thing that devistated me most about the fire was (apart from loosing my photos and things I have had since my children were born) was all my memorbilia of Pseudo Echo and Invertigo. I still love to listen to the music that the Leigh brothers have made to this day and their songs have certainly helped me through some really tough times. So thankyou again for putting this up so I can go back and relive my teenage years of the 80’s and remember the good times xxx

  • Helena says:

    We hv something in common, I’m shy as we’ll. You are so cute I went to all your gigs. I love all of the songs , hopefully you can play again @ south juniors in sydney it will be great for you guys to perform again keep on rocking .

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