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What are people saying about your business? How AI can help you find out

AI tools for social media and brand management at AndWhatsNext com
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A look at the future of brand perception, and AI’s role in digital reputation management

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the importance of monitoring and managing your online reputation cannot be overstated. In this realm, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer, offering tools that provide real-time insights and proactive management of a brand’s digital presence.

Here are some ways to leverage AI to keep track of your business mentions & online rep — making these tasks both simpler and more comprehensive than you’d be able to manage solo.

The evolution of online reputation management

The digital age has made reputation management more complex and dynamic. With the proliferation of social media platforms and online forums, brand mentions can occur anywhere and at any time.

Such a constant flow of information makes it challenging to track and respond to every mention, so this is where AI comes in — offering efficient and effective solutions for monitoring online tags and messages — and working toward keeping your company’s reputation positive.

The continued relevance of basic tools

Before we get into the AI-first tools offering sophisticated features, basic tools like Google News Alerts still play a vital role with their simple emailed alerts that can be set up to notify you whenever your brand is mentioned in news articles. (Microsoft’s Bing apparently offers a similar service, but all of the instructions we could find to set it up were outdated.)

Given the advancements of Google and Microsoft in AI and machine learning, it’s likely that the selection of these articles is increasingly refined by AI, ensuring that the alerts are relevant and valuable. This free tool serves as an excellent complement to more advanced AI platforms, providing a broader view of how a brand is being discussed in the media.

Awn icon 30Quick tip

For an effective online reputation management strategy, it’s recommended that you integrate both AI-powered and basic tools. While AI tools like those we mention below offer deep and detailed analyses, free services are still valuable in providing a broad sweep of media mentions. Together, they offer a comprehensive approach to monitoring and managing your online reputation.

AI-powered tools to integrate into yourΒ social media strategy

There are several social listening and media monitoring tools that use Artificial Intelligence (AI)Β  to help you track and analyze online conversations about your brand, industry, competitors, and topics of interest. They have some differences in terms of pricing, functionality, data coverage, and user interface, but have many similar features, such as:

  • Keyword-based search across various sources, such as social media platforms, news sites, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Sentiment analysis to measure the tone and emotion of the mentions
  • Influencer identification to find the most authoritative and relevant voices in your niche
  • Alerts and notifications to keep you updated on important changes and trends
  • Reports and dashboards to visualize and share your insights

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πŸ’‘ Brandwatch

This AI-powered tool excels in scouring the internet for brand mentions. By using advanced algorithms, Brandwatch analyzes social media platforms, blogs, and online forums to track how a brand is being talked about.

It’s not just about counting mentions — Brandwatch dives into sentiment analysis, providing insights into the tone and context of these mentions. This level of detail helps brands understand the public perception and identify potential areas of concern or opportunity.

Website: Brandwatch

Key features:

  • Advanced algorithms for tracking brand mentions across social media, blogs, and forums.
  • In-depth sentiment analysis to gauge public perception.
  • Insights into the context and tone of brand mentions.

πŸ’‘ Awario

Another formidable tool in the realm of online reputation management is Awario. Like Brandwatch, Awario uses AI to monitor social media and the web for brand mentions.

It stands out in its ability to provide real-time alerts, ensuring that businesses are immediately aware of any significant mentions or discussions involving their brand. This promptness is crucial for timely responses, especially in managing negative feedback or a potential PR crisis.

If your primary goal is lead generation and expanding your email marketing database, Awario stands out as a suitable choice. It’s tailored to businesses looking to grow their reach and effectively build their contact lists, making it a strategic tool for marketing and sales initiatives.

Website: Awario

Key features:

  • Real-time alerts for brand mentions on social media and the web.
  • AI-driven monitoring for immediate awareness of significant discussions.
  • Useful for timely responses and managing potential PR issues.

πŸ’‘ Meltwater

Meltwater offers a comprehensive suite of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their media intelligence and online presence. Its platform excels in providing extensive external data sources, including not only social media but also broadcast, print, and podcasts, giving a holistic view of media coverage. This wide-ranging data access is crucial for businesses aiming to fully understand their media footprint and influence.

Meltwater’s advanced analytics and AI-powered insights help in deciphering complex data patterns, enabling businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions. Additionally, its PR and communications tools are tailored to streamline media outreach and engagement strategies. This way, companies can effectively monitor their brand, track competitors, and stay ahead of industry trends, making it another valuable tool for comprehensive media monitoring and strategic planning.

Website: Meltwater

Key features:

  • Broad media intelligence with data from social media, broadcast, print, and podcasts.
  • PR and communications tools with AI-powered insights.
  • Comprehensive analytics for a holistic view of media presence.

πŸ’‘ NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is a powerhouse for those who delve deep into market intelligence and consumer insight. Its platform is particularly suited for businesses that require a comprehensive understanding of market trends, competitive landscape, and consumer sentiment. If your strategy involves extensive market research and detailed analysis of social conversations, NetBase Quid offers a wealth of data and advanced analytical tools that can help you uncover nuanced insights and inform strategic decisions.

Website: NetBase Quid

Key features:

  • Detailed social media analytics and consumer insights.
  • Performance metrics including engagement, reach, and conversions.
  • Advanced text and image analysis for market research.

πŸ’‘ Brand24

Brand24 enters the scene as a more accessible and user-friendly option, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers real-time monitoring and alerts, making it easier to track mentions and respond promptly. If your business needs a straightforward, no-frills tool for keeping tabs on online mentions and understanding customer feedback, Brand24 provides a cost-effective solution. It’s particularly appealing for those who need the essentials of social media monitoring without the complexity of more advanced platforms.

Website: Brand24

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface for social media monitoring.
  • Real-time data updates and customizable reports.
  • Affordable solution for businesses of all sizes.

πŸ’‘ Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an excellent option if seamless integration with your social media platforms is a priority, especially for those focused on monitoring their brand to enhance customer loyalty. Its ability to dovetail with various social media platforms makes it a valuable tool for businesses aiming to maintain a strong, cohesive online presence.

Website: Sprout Social

Key features:

  • Comprehensive social media management and analytics.
  • Custom reports and in-depth social analytics.
  • Tools for content creation, scheduling, and engagement.

πŸ’‘ Sendible

Website: Sendible

Key features:

  • Integrations with platforms like Canva, Google Analytics, and WordPress.
  • Features for content curation, collaboration, and automation.
  • Effective for social media marketing and management.

πŸ’‘ Falcon

Falcon is a versatile choice for businesses managing multiple brands or large teams. Its strengths lie in its ability to streamline workflows, manage content, and monitor social media across various platforms.

If your focus is on team collaboration, brand management at scale, and integrating social media efforts with customer relationship management (CRM), Falcon provides a robust framework. It’s particularly useful for larger organizations or agencies that require a comprehensive suite of tools for social listening, content management, and audience engagement.

Website: Falcon

Key features:

  • Ideal for managing multiple brands and teams with tailored workflows.
  • Comprehensive tools for social listening, advertising, and CRM.
  • Features for permissions, approvals, and team collaboration.

πŸ’‘ Talkwalker

If you’re on the hunt for a straightforward and efficient monitoring tool, reminiscent of the simplicity found in the original Google Alerts, Talkwalker Alerts could be your go-to choice. This service is free and boasts a user-friendly, minimalist design. It manages to offer a more comprehensive set of options than Google Alerts, making it a great starting point for those who appreciate ease of use without sacrificing functionality.

Website: Talkwalker

Key features:

  • In-depth analytics for understanding audience sentiment and trends.
  • AI-powered image and video recognition for comprehensive media tracking.
  • Integration with other marketing tools and platforms for a unified strategy.

Each of these tools offers unique features and strengths, making them suitable for different aspects of social media monitoring and management. Depending on your specific needs, such as real-time alerts, in-depth analytics, or integration capabilities, you can choose the service that best aligns with your social media strategy.

Tools that help get an even broader view

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, where online reputation can pivot on a single tweet or post, having the right set of tools is crucial. Two standout platforms that not only excel in their primary functions but also integrate seamlessly with a variety of other tools are Social Searcher and Hootsuite.

These platforms are not just tools in their own right but also pivotal cogs in a larger machine, working in concert with other digital marketing tools to provide a comprehensive and nuanced view of your brand’s online presence.

πŸ’‘ Social Searcher

Social Searcher steps up as a dynamic and advanced monitoring tool, especially for those keen on keeping a close eye on various social media platforms. It presents itself as a more nuanced version of Google Alerts, focusing on real-time social media monitoring and analytics.

Website: Social Searcher

Key features:

  • Comprehensive coverage of major social media platforms including Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Flickr, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.
  • Real-time monitoring with advanced search options, including the use of ‘Minus words’ for more targeted results.
  • Analytical insights providing sentiment analysis, post types, and user engagement metrics.
  • Customizable alerts and the ability to export data for in-depth analysis and reporting.
  • Access to historical data with paid plans, enhancing long-term trend analysis and brand perception tracking.

πŸ’‘ Hootsuite

Hootsuite is renowned for its robust and versatile social media management capabilities, making it a staple for businesses seeking an all-in-one solution for their online presence. It’s particularly effective for managing multiple social media accounts and engaging with audiences across various platforms.

Website: Hootsuite

Key features:

  • Centralized dashboard for monitoring and managing multiple social media accounts.
  • Direct response capabilities for efficient management of comments, messages, and mentions.
  • Seamless integration with AI-powered tools like Brandwatch and Awario for comprehensive insights.
  • Detailed analytics to gauge the impact of social media activities and guide strategy.
  • Advanced post scheduling features to maintain consistent engagement and online presence.
  • Integration with tools like Google News Alerts to offer a complete overview of brand mentions across social and news media.

How much do these services cost?

Providing specific pricing details for these social media monitoring services can be challenging due to several reasons:

  1. Dynamic pricing models: Many of these services have pricing models that change frequently, often based on market demand, new features, and competitive dynamics. This means that the cost information can quickly become outdated.
  2. Customized plans: Services like Brandwatch, Awario, Meltwater, and others often offer customized pricing plans based on the specific needs of a business. Factors such as the size of the company, the volume of data being monitored, and the level of analytics required can significantly influence the final price.
  3. Tiered pricing structures: Most of these platforms have tiered pricing structures, offering different levels of features and capabilities at various price points. For instance, a basic plan might offer essential monitoring tools, while premium plans could include advanced analytics, more extensive data access, and additional support services.
  4. Free trials and demos: Many services provide free trials or demos, allowing businesses to test the platform before committing to a subscription. This is a valuable opportunity to assess whether a particular tool meets your needs and budget.
  5. Lack of public pricing information: Some companies do not publicly disclose their pricing on their websites, requiring potential customers to contact them directly for a quote. This is often the case with more advanced or enterprise-level solutions.

For the most accurate and current pricing information, it’s best to visit the respective websites of these services or contact their sales teams directly. They can provide tailored quotes based on your specific requirements and offer the latest deals or discounts that may be available.

Finding out what people are saying about you is a moving target

It’s clear to all involved that AI has significantly transformed the landscape of online reputation management. Tools like these provide nuanced and real-time insights into brand perception, which are invaluable in today’s fast-paced digital world.

A strategic combination of both AI-powered and traditional tools can provide a robust framework for effectively monitoring and managing your brand’s online reputation, ensuring that you stay ahead in the digital narrative surrounding your brand.

Better, faster, easier results as AI becomes more capable

As we look towards the future, the role of AI in online reputation management is poised for significant growth and expansion. AI technology, already a transformative force in this field, is expected to become even more capable and sophisticated.

Innovations in machine learning and natural language processing will enable AI to analyze complex patterns in big data with greater accuracy and nuance. We’ll see AI not just reacting to online mentions but predicting trends and potential reputation risks before they fully emerge. The eventual changes will likely bring about more intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, making these powerful tools accessible to a wider range of users.

As AI continues to evolve, its integration in digital marketing strategies will become more seamless, offering brands unprecedented control and insights into their online presence. This progression in AI capabilities will usher in a new era of digital reputation management, where proactive and predictive strategies become the norm, setting a higher standard for maintaining and enhancing a brand’s image in the digital world.

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